Mommy Makeover – After Baby Procedures For Mom

Babies, babies, babies. All you’ve ever wanted to be was a mom and now that you are… that seems like that’s all you are. Pre-baby, you were sexy and loved to wear clothes that showed off your assets. Post-baby well, now you’ve got spit-up, chocolate pudding and some unidentifiable goo on your clothes and in your hair.see this page mommy makeover.

Oh, and your body has betrayed you by not bouncing back into pre-baby shape. Things are sagging and drooping. Some things have gotten bigger and other parts have gotten smaller. Now, that you’re a mommy, you’re ready for a mommy makeover. Here’s what this collection of cosmetic procedures can do for you:

* Breasts
One of two things happens to a woman’s breasts after pregnancy-they shrink or they get bigger. Two solutions courtesy of a mommy makeover are implants or reduction. Typically, it is also necessary to perform a lift with both of these procedures. The reason for this is that during pregnancy, the breasts grow and stretch with fat and milk. So, whether you lose fat and tissue or it hangs around, the breasts are going to sag.

* Tummy
Well, this is the primary location affected by pregnancy for obvious reasons. A tummy tuck to fix the problem is also the most popular component of a mommy makeover. As the baby grows, the entire abdominal area stretches including the muscles. Gaining a lot of weight during pregnancy and multiple births reduce the abdominal area’s ability to snap back into place and a sag affect occurs.

* Thighs and Buttocks
Yes, everything seems to get bigger when you’re pregnant and the thighs and buttocks are no different. After baby, they tend to sag a bit. By lifting the areas and removing the excess skin, the surgeon can give you back some shape to your buttocks and slim up your thighs.

* All over
You are eating for two, but sometimes the fat hangs around after it’s just you again. Liposuction can spot reduce the fatty deposits that you can’t get rid of after pregnancy. This procedure is performed as part of a mommy makeover to enhance the results of other procedures like the tummy tuck and lifts. But, it can be done in other areas like the arms and neck to slim mom all over.

If you are interested in getting a mommy makeover, make sure you are finished becoming a mommy. Getting pregnant after having these procedures will ruin the results and can also cause a lot of problems and damage to your body. So, give it a lot of thought and make sure you are finished having children.

Once you’re sure this is what you want, talk to other mom’s and seek out recommendations for a surgeon. Check out his credentials and make sure he is board certified. Be very clear with him about your mommy makeover expectations and the areas you think need treatment. You don’t have to settle for the body pregnancy has left you with. You can be a great mom and still be a sexy mama.