Painting and Decorating Tips Choosing Color

Choosing the color for your walls is like choosing what shoes to wear for your dress. There are some rules but it is also good to experiment and just follow your taste. If you are having a hard time, here are some tips for painting and decorating tips regarding choosing paint color from a professional painter and decorator in Haywards Heath.

Do not choose a color by thinking what will look good on an empty room. After all, that room won’t be empty forever. Visualize the furniture and decorations that you will put inside. It is recommended that you choose fixtures first before choosing the color for walls. After fixtures, think of the curtains and other items made from fabric that you will put in the room. You should also consider the accent pieces that you are planning to use before choosing wall color.

When choosing wall paint color, you can also use your lifestyle as an inspiration. For example, home bodies may want a relaxed atmosphere. You may also take an idea from your trips to the beach. In some cases, your lifestyle can limit your choice of color. Avoid off-white and light colors if you are busy and can’t assure regular maintenance. Light colors are also not recommended for walls of rooms to be used very often.

You should also consider how the color will appear when applied on your walls. Most often, the paint when viewed at the store under fluorescent light will look different when applied on walls with some sunlight entering through the windows.If you are still having a hard time, you can opt to hire a professional painter and decorator. Normally, a painter/decorator would ask you about what you want for the room. After that, a painter/decorator may present a project board that has swatches and sample fabrics of upholstery and curtains.

Some professional painters and decorators follow some rules or formula for choosing colors to ensure balance and compatibility. For example, a painter and decorator in Brighton will normally use the same shade on trims, ceilings and woodworks. They may just vary the sheen level (e.g. flat and semi-gloss). They also have a process – which part must be painted first. People who want a contemporary look will have their painter/decorator start with the woodwork before ceiling and walls.

If you are picking colors for the entire home, start with the kitchen and make sure it looks good with the cabinets and counter tops. The adjoining areas including the living room and dining room come next. The colors of these rooms must be complementing each other and won’t clash. There is no problem with bedrooms since there are doors but the color of bedroom usually becomes the basis for bathroom so choose wisely.