Practice Proper Garden Maintenance Dublin

Garden maintenance is an important part of growing a garden. Keeping a garden free of weeds and debris as well as pests such as insects or animals is very important. Fertilizing and maintaining your plants makes for healthier and more productive fruits, vegetables, flowers or whatever one may choose to grow. There are several ways to practice good garden maintenance. Weed killing spray that will not harm the plants and pesticides can be used to minimize the presence of annoying and fast growing weeds or insects that eat the leaves, fruit or vegetables. garden maintenance dublin

As many people are moving away from the use of pesticides, there are more natural alternatives to treating your plants. Most importantly may be using clean instruments in the garden. If you are working in an area where there has been insect activity, be sure to clean your tools before moving to the next area in order to avoid spreading the infestation. Clearing out the weak or dying plants may also be helpful, as the weakness may have been caused by insects. In addition, seaweed mulch has been shown to help repel pests and may be a good addition to organic soil. While watering a garden is certainly important, some annoying pests can breed or multiply in damp places. Be sure that the foliage has time to dry between watering. Be attentive not to over water, to minimize the possibility and impact of an infestation.

Some plants actually repel certain pests. Learning about which are most beneficial for your climate and location and adding them to your garden could be helpful.Rotating crops is also good garden maintenance, as it allows the soil to replenish and gain back its natural balance. Depending on the “pests” in a given area, the recommended maintenance techniques will differ. There are experts available to answer any questions or concerns that a gardener may have, so never be afraid to ask for advice or recommendations.